Le Saint Julien

St. Julien, November 2018Le Saint Julien is where the French go for fine dining in Bordeaux. It has not been awarded any Michelin stars, although it certainly deserves Michelin accolades. Since 1996, Chef Claude Broussard and his wife, Rosy have created delightful dishes with fresh produce of the seasons.

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We had just finished a wonderful wine and chocolate tasting at Château Léoville-Poyferré, and Le Saint Julien was the perfect lunch venue for us, as it was located across the street from the vineyard.

The restaurant has a small and inviting garden, with a pathway lined with grape vines. We were fortunate to get a table since the entire restaurant was full.

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They offered two lunch menus – Menu Entrée, Plat et Dessert (3-courses for Eu39++) and Menu découverte (or Discovery Menu, 5-courses for Eur49++). It was a tough decision, but we opted for a lighter lunch since we expected a heavier dinner.

IMG_3351 (1)

Entrée – St. Jacques en Coquille, parfum de saffron – I believe this is one of Chef Broussard’s signature dishes. This was indeed my favourite dish at Le. St. Julien. Simply exceptional!

IMG_3352 (1)

Entrée – Fresh oysters

IMG_3355 (1)

Plat – Filet de Beouf sauce Perigueux

IMG_3357 (1)

Plat – Filet de Bar Roti, glace du vin rouge et legumes primeurs

IMG_3372 (1)

Dessert – Paris Brest revisité

Mr. King had a hard time finding the Paris Brest dessert, when we were last in Paris. So he was thrilled to see the dessert here. Chef Broussard’s interpretation of this traditional dessert, was lighter, but still very flavorful.

Our lunch at Le Saint Julien was one of our most memorable meals in Bordeaux.

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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