Shinji’s Botan Ebi

Singapore, November 2016 – Every time I visit Shinji St. Regis (my favorite sushi restaurant in Singapore), I can’t wait to savor the fine sushi crafted by Chef Kikuchi. This week, I was really blown away by – a shrimp?!   And it wasn’t just any shrimp – a Botan Ebi like I have never tasted!


Botan Ebi or large peony shrimp is known for its sweet flavors. It is about 2-3 times larger than the more common Amaebi (Alaskan pink shrimp). Botan-Ebi season is November to March. One of my favorite crustaceans is the Botan Ebi – richer and sweeter in flavors than any other specie, especially for nigiri sushi.


During my lunch, I watched Chef Kikuchi remove the shells of three gigantic prawns. What caught my attention was the abundance of blue-green roe that flowed out of these beautiful creatures! I probably consume more than two dozens of Botan Ebi nigiri sushi every year, but never have I stopped to admired one like this.

Maguro Mitsuba Ai – Another of my Favorite

When Chef Kikuchi served the Botan-Ebi to me, he told me that these Botan-Ebi were special. He was able to get a few from Tsukiji market, and only had 3 pieces for today’s lunch. And I was given one of the three shrimps. The other two Botan-Ebi were served to his VIP clients.

One bite later…I was in sushi heaven!

In life, we sometimes live for moments like this! Thank you, Chef Kikuchi!


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All photos were taken by Mrs. King.


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