Shinji at St. Regis

Singapore – Another sushi lunch with another sushi-addict friend! In my post “Shinji by Kanesaka” (#32 Asia’s Best Restaurants 2015), I mentioned that Shinji is my favorite sushiya in Singapore. Its sister sushiya – Shinji at St. Regis (newly minted One Michelin star in July 2016) – is another favorite of mine.

4 Shinji St Regis Maguro Otoshi_new
Maguro Appetizer

We were lucky to be seated in front of Head Chef Shunsuke Kikuchi who prepared our Tsuki Sushi Course Set. The nigiri sushi were delicious – right temperature, bite size and perfectly cut and seasoned fish.

3 Shinji St Regis Kikuchi-san_new
Head Chef Kikuchi-san

Shinji’s lunch menu is quite simple. One has a choice of two sushi course set: Tsuki (12 pieces nigiri, S$125) or Yuki (18 pieces nigiri, S$180); each comes with maki sushi, soup and dessert. And then there is the Omakase – Yume at S$250, which comes with an appetizer, assorted sashimi, cooked dishes, nigiri sushi, maki, soup and Japanese fruit.

Here are the 12 nigiri: Hirame, Aji, Kimedai , Chu-Toro, Otoro, Shima-aji, Kuruma Ebi, Uni, Shiro Ebi, Tai with Uni, Bonito, Anago, NegiToro Maki, Tamago. Now let’s take a look at the Tsuki lunch course set. There were 12 nigiri, but yours truly failed to snap photos of the first two nigiri (flounder and aji) since I ate them as soon as they landed in front of me.

I personally prefer the ambience of Shinji at St. Regis as the premises are a bit more spacious than the sushiya at Raffles Hotel. Both places offer amazing sushi.

18 Shinji St Regis Uni Ikura Rice_new

I couldn’t resist, but show you one more photo – from my lunch there with yet another sushi-addict in February. We ordered the Tsuki set, but added a bowl of uni-ikura (sea urchin, salmon roe) rice to share.  It was simply rich indulgence – perfect for uni-lovers!

Shinji St. Regis – The St. Regis Singapore, Lobby Floor, 29 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247911

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.


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