L’Art de Vivre at Metropole Hanoi

4 Hanoi Metropole SOfitel Breakfast_newHanoi (post in French & English) – Mr. King took our son and me to Hanoi for a weekend. While Hanoi has become more developed over the past decade, the city still retains its charms. Our journey starts upon our arrival at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel, which is a historic sight in itself. Numerous famous people and personalities have walked the hallways of this hotel, and it has welcomed heads of states as well as celebrities since its inception in 1901.

Located steps from the Opera House in Hanoï’s French Quarter this legendary property brings guests into intimate contact with the opulence of another era. Surround yourself in heritage as you stroll stately corridors and explore a dramatic past.Behind its classical white façade green shutters original wrought iron details and stately wood paneling reside over a century of stories. Stand on the walkways that grace its lush courtyard lawn and immerse yourself in the hotels rich traditions.” (website of Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi)

Metropole certainly cherishes its history, and a presentation showing its chronology and development over the last century is on exhibit, next to its lobby in the old wing of the hotel. Amongst the countless photos of famous people who have visited the Metropole, I had the strongest impression of: Catherine Deneuve who stayed there during the filming of “Indochine” and Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie – whose photo captured them touring Hanoi on a motorcycle in 2007!

5 Hanoi Metropole Le Beaulieu Breakfast2_newThe Metropole also boasts having the best French restaurant and Vietnamese restaurant in Hanoi. Mr. King & I also enjoyed the French gastronomy at Le Beaulieu as well as the Vietnamese cuisine at Spices Garden. The lunch buffet at Spices Garden is a superb sampling of local delights, especially with its noodle bar and pancake station.  Our toddler son also enjoyed the buffets, and the hotel staff were very friendly to our little one.

The hotel has two wings: one is the old wing, a 4-storey low-rise and the other is the Opera wing, an 8-storey building. Hotel rooms in the old wing were designed with the character of old Indochine while maintaining the modern amenities. The Opera wing was decorated in a modern luxury style. We have stayed in both wings, and each has its own charm.

A voyage to Hanoi would be incomplete without a visit to the Metropole, this magnificent iconic landmark, where the essence of Indochine still thrives.

15 Hanoi Metropole Spices Rolls_new
Spice Garden Restaurant – Lunch Buffet

Hanoi – Ma famille et moi sommes allés a Hanoi pendant une semaine. Nous nous sommes beaucoup amuses. Notre voyage a commence par notre arrivée a l’hôtel, Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoï. Cette hotel est l’un des plus anciens d’Hanoi. Il date de 1901 l’époque colonial Française quand le Vietnam s’appelait encore Indochine. Le décors original a été préservé. Cette hôtel a beaucoup d’histoire, en effet les chefs d’état de nombreux pays y ont séjourné, ainsi que des célébrités de l’art et du spectacle.

9 Hanoi Metropole New Wing Entrance2_newIl y a une exposition des photos retraçant l’histoire de l’hôtel. Parmi les photos, celle dont je me souviens le plus sont: le photo de Catherine Deneuve quand elle l’a visite durant le tournage du film, “Indochine” et bien sur, une magnifique photo de Brad Pitt et Angelina Jolie en 2007 lors d’une promenade romantique a moto dans Hanoi.

7 Hanoi Metropole Spices Desserts2_new

15 Hanoi Metropole Spices Spring Rolls_new

Dans l’hôtel, il y a deux restaurants excellents – l’un “Le Beaulieu” propose de la cuisine Française traditionnelle et l’autre “Spices Garden” de la cuisine Vietnamienne. Ces deux restaurants sont les plus réputés célèbres de la ville.

Cet endroit est presque magique car on peut sentir le parfum de l’Indochine. Ici se termine le récit en français de mon voyage.

6 Hanoi Metropole Spices Buffet Desserts_newFor those who wish to learn more about its history, the Metropole also offers a guided tour of the hotel every afternoon. www.sofitel.com/gb/hotel-1555-sofitel-legend-metropole-hanoi/

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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