Supanniga Eating Room

Bangkok, June 2018Supanniga Eating Room is where the locals go for home-style Thai cuisine, based on recipes “passed down from one generation to another by owner, Thanaruek’s grandmother (Khunyai)”.   We visited the Thonglor branch, which was cosy, yet vibrant. Prices were very reasonable, and the menu offered no shortage of variety.

IMG_6484 (1)

Pla Som Tod – Sour & garlicky fish cakes, fried and served with local condiments

IMG_6493 (1)

Crispy Beef Jerky – Sun-dried beef jerky, crisp-fried with Kaffir lime leaves

IMG_6490 (1)

Gaeong Massaman Nue – Slow cooked massaman curry with tender beef shank, potatoes & peanuts

IMG_6503 (1)

Yum Nue Lai – Sliced marbled beef shank, tossed with spicy dressing and garnished with garlic oil

IMG_6497 (1)

Soup Pla Muek Yud Sai – Clear broth of baby squids stuffed with seasoned ground pork

IMG_6496 (1)

IMG_6507 (1)

The flavors were sharp, spicy and unexpected. The portions are small, so it is perfect for those who want to try more dishes. Supanniga has been awarded “Michelin The Plate” distinction, and is ideal for adventurous diners.

IMG_6509 (1)

IMG_6510 (1)

Supanniga Eating House –

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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