Somewhere in Time at Galle Fort

Sri Lanka, April 2018– If there were a place trapped in time, it must be Galle, the 17thcentury Dutch colonial UNESCO-protected fort.  Our first time there was in 2009, and so mesmerized by this charming place, we brought our 6-year old son there 9 years later.

Exploring the fort on foot, tourists rush around to fascinating spots like Galle Clock Tower and Galle Lighthouse.  Mr. King and I prefer to roam around around the small streets lined to quaint colonial architecture.


Amangalla– We enjoyed a relaxing lunch at the Amangalla, which was previously the 140 years old New Oriental Hotel.  The restaurant is open to residents as well as to the public, and is furnished with antique furniture.   They offered a small menu of Sri Lankan and international cuisine. While our little boy opted for beer battered fish & chips, Mr. King and I were more adventurous and selected the Ayurveda Sri Lankan lunch that included beetroot curry, papaya curry and garlic curry.

Stick No Bills– As Mr. King is fascinated with history and collecting vintage posters, we were happy to find Stick No Bills, a shop specializing in reproductions of travel prints and posters.

The Fort Bazaar– We also stopped by this hip and friendly hotel, The Fort Bazaar, for drinks.  They claim that they have the best coffee in Galle!

Last thoughts – I kept wondering if this white-washed coastal town will evolve with time as Sri Lanka is being developed at a fast pace… perhaps another trip there , another decade later….

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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