Old Bazaar Kitchen

Cuttlefish_newHong Kong – I was sad to learn that Old Bazaar Kitchen (“OBK”)– what I considered a gem – has closed. It was the ultimate “Hole in the Wall” – with modest décor and only 8 tables at its narrow premises in Wanchai. So I thought I would share some of my photos of their yummy, creative dishes here.

2 Old Bazaar Kitchen Crabmeat Salad_new

OBK featured cuisine that was a mixture of Singapore, Malaysia with Chinese flavors. The chef added a twist to traditional Southeast Asian cuisine and created some new dishes of his own.


It was difficult to book a table inside this small eatery. The 8 of us sat elbow to elbow and back to back with other diners. But it was worth it!

GooseLiver_newThe Drunken Goose Liver was the ideal East-meets-West dish, where the chef marinated the goose liver in Chinese wine. One of my favourite dishes there!

Pepper Crab_new

And of course, what would Singapore cuisine be without a Black Pepper Crab!  Finger licking good!

1 Old Bazaar Kitchen Chicken Rice_new

Unlike the original Hainanese Chicken Rice recipes, the rice (flavoured with chicken broth) was cooked inside a claypot.  Personally, I prefer the original recipe, but I’d have to agree that cooking inside the claypot makes the rice less oily.

Pork Patty_new

Don’t underestimate this simple dish – Pan fried Pork Patty…it was delicious. Perfect accompaniment with steamed rice!


Ice Cream Cake_new

Last but not least, the Sabah Ice Cream Cake was a light and refreshing ending to a wonderful meal. I don’t know if there is such a dessert in Sabah, Malaysia. Anyhow, the mango cake was excellent!  The chef put generous mango chunks in between the layers of ice cream, and sprinkled “saw dust” (kind of like tiny crumbs of biscuits) on the outside.

This was one of the more interesting meals I have had in Hong Kong in recent years.

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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  1. mmleonard says:

    The black pepper crab looks amazing. Not sure if it beats old bay seasoning though


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