Bottega Veneta – The Knot Turns 36

2002 BV Clutch_newDecember 2014 – In preparation for the holiday season, the search for that perfect clutch is on. Instead of buying something new, I decided to look through my closet first. This brought me to a rediscovery of the Bottega Veneta Knot clutch.

2014 Display1_new

When Tomas Maier took the helm of the luxury house in 2001, he redesigned the bag’s closure in the form of a leather knot and renamed it– the Knot. Bottega Veneta’s Knot just turned 36 this year.

Let’s take a look at the evolution of this iconic arm candy!

1996 BV Clutch2_new

First is a vintage clutch in black intrecciato satin. This piece was acquired in 1996 from BV in Italy. There were limited designs at that time – the evening clutches came in a few shapes – oval, round and rectangular (like mine pictured here). Colors were also limited, dominantly in black satin. The closures were made of crystal and each clutch had a tassel on the end. After three decades, this is still a timeless classic!

1996 BV Clutch_new

Fast forward to 2002, after Tomas Maier’s revival of the classic piece. I found this limited edition gold beaded clutch in Hong Kong. I am not sure how many were made, but there was only one in the BV shop at time of purchase. Later, I spotted a picture of this rare piece in an editorial in an American fashion magazine.

2002 BV Clutch_new

2002 BV Clutch 2_new

The interior’s plate was engraved “Limited Edition – Lavorazione Fatta a Mano,” which translates to “Made by Hand.” The beads were weaved with golden threads, hence very delicate.

2014 BV Display2_new

The Knot is in every Bottega Veneta collection, and has been made in every material and color imaginable. This season, they come in the prettiest pastels – peach, candy pink, baby blue, lilac and apple green with lizard trims. There is a color for everyone!

2014 BV Display3_new

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All the photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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