Chef Hamamoto’s Ki-Sho

Uni Flower_new

Singapore is the competitive grounds for Japanese fine dining where chefs continuously strive to bring out the most sensational cuisine. With the abundance exposure to culinary creativity, it is difficult to “wow” Mr. King and me easily these days. That was until we went to Ki-Sho, also known as Chateau TCC ( since it is part of The Connoisseur Concerto Group.

Chef _new

Despite its short history since opening in 2012, Ki-Sho has become one of the most coveted Japanese restaurant in town. At its helm as Chef de Cuisine is 33-year old Chef Kazuhiro Hamamoto, who was formerly chef at Waku Ghin (sister restaurant to Sydney’s famed Tetsuya). The menu is simple – purely Omakase (Chef’s choice) – 3 menus starting at SGD300. His culinary style is influenced by traditional kaiseki (multiple courses of small dishes using seasonal ingredients), which originated in Kyoto, also the chef’s hometown.

Cooked Seafood_new

I first ventured there in August with one of my BFF, whom I consider an epicurean. We were extremely impressed, especially by the chef’s signature dish – Uni with Zuiki and Caviar, which had about 20 pieces of sea urchin, sweet white corn & snow crab meat all buried under lumpy jelly topped with edamame beans and a spoonful of caviar. The exquisite presentation was beyond words…see for yourself.

Grilled Fish_new

Mr. King and I went back together in September, and were equally impressed with the new autumn menu. Readers, this post is going to be short, because I believe I do not have the writing skills to articulate the intricacy and taste of each dish. But I will say this – the signature dish is still amazing, Chef Hamamoto’s oitoro sushi (fatty belly) can rival any Michelin Star sushi-ya (sushi specialist) & who wouldn’t enjoy an evening with a smiling chef with a sense of humor!

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here is the “feast for your eyes!”



Sushi aug_new





All photos were taken by Mrs. King. 

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