Roast Chicken at The Wolseley

London, September 2014 – On my last trip to London, I was on a roast chicken binge. In my humble opinion, I have to say that the best roast chicken is at The Wolseley, a café-restaurant in grand European tradition situated in St. James’. I always make my way there for breakfast or lunch whenever I visit London.

Wolseley Roast Chicken_newAside being located on the city’s most famous of boulevards – Piccadilly, the building that houses The Wolseley has a lengthy history that stretches back to 1921, when it was originally a prestigious car showroom for The Wolseley Car Company. Subsequent to the bankruptcy of the car company, Barclays Bank acquired the building and opened a branch there in 1927. After restoration and renovations in 2003, The Wolseley opened its doors.

Enough about history…let’s take a look at the roast chicken. The portion was generous. The taste was simply juicy, succulent, tender and seasoned to perfection. What else can I say!  Even my toddler son enjoyed this meal very much.  The Wolseley was actually children-friendly.

Wolseley Vegetables_new

I also ordered two side dishes of spinach and carrots. Lovely, especially the carrots, which were sweet!

Wolseley Decor2_new

Food aside, the décor is to be marveled. I have always admired the black leather chairs, black & white marble floors, towering arches and stairways, and I especially liked the clock above the French doors at the back of the restaurant. The Wolseley certainly has a sort of old world charm.

Oh and of course, there is the people-watching…Did I mention that I saw Domestic Goddess – Nigella Lawson there when I went there for breakfast?

Wolseley Table_new

All the photos were taken by Mrs.King.



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