Ran Hwang’s Button Blossoms

16 Ran Hwang Hermes Singapore_newSingapore, May 2016 – The recent re-launching of Hermès flagship at Liat Towers made me recall the last art exhibitions held on the store’s 3rd floor prior to the renovations.

Singapore, January 2015 – During the Singapore Art Week, I caught a number of exhibitions, but perhaps this one featuring Korean artist, Ran Hwang’s Becoming Again, presented by Fondation d’entreprise Hermès impressed me the most. Simply put, it is a multimedia installation of “buttons” on Plexiglas. Somehow, this exhibition reminded me of Sakura blossoms.

18 RanHwang Hermes Singapore_new

The buttons are made of 7-layers of paper that had been laser-cut; majority is white with a few colored ones strategically positioned. One experiences the four seasons, starting with winter while a Phoenix flies gracefully over the blossoms. It is an artwork about ephemeral beauty, fleeting time…and renewal.

15 RanHwang Singapore_new

From the Exhibition Brief:  “Choosing the humble button as a metaphor for something common, Hwang creates extraordinary landscapes by hammering them into Plexiglas in a repetitive and meditative process…..The Peonies that blossom and fade across the panels address the passage of time, reflecting Hwang’s preoccupation with the cyclical nature of life. Phoenixes and peonies – long regarded in Eastern culture as symbols of grace, strength and particularly of renewal – further echo the transient nature of the present that is at the core of Hwang’s practice.”

My photos did not do the installation justice, but nevertheless, here they are…in the sequence of the performance.

1 RanHwang Fondation d'entreprise hermes_new

2 RanHwang Fondation d'entreprise Hermes_new

3 RanHwang Fondation d'entreprise Hermes Singapore_new

4 RanHwang Hermes Singapore_new

5 RanHwang hermes Singapore_new

6 RanHwang Hermes Singapore_new

7 RanHwang Hermes Singapore_new

8 RanHwang Hermes Singapore_new

9 RanHwang Hermes Singapore_new

10 RanHwang Hermes Singapore_new

11 Ran Hwang Hermes Singapore_new

12 Ran Hwang Hermes Singapore_new

13 Ran Hwang Hermes Singapore_new

14 Ran Hwang Hermes Singapore_new

17 Ran Hwang Fondation d'entreprise Hermes_new

19 RanHwang Hermes Singapore_new

All the photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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