Dawn Ng at Hermès

1 Hermes Dawn Ng_newSingapore, May 2016 – Dawn Ng’s installation, How to Disappear into a Rainbow is the inaugural exhibition sponsored by Fondation d’entreprise Hermès at the recently renovated Hermès flagship at Liat Towers. I was smitten by the artwork – a sea of soothing pastel blue, pink and beige blocks.

2 Hermes Dawn Ng_new

Immediately, I found myself in an internal conversation about the colours – in particular Hermès colours. Doesn’t the pastel blue resemble bleu lin (Hermès light greyish blue) or the pastel pink remind one of sakura pink (Hermès baby pink) or the beige look like gris tourterelle (the most elegant warm grey ever)?

3 Hermes Dawn Ng_new

Let’s see what the Singapore artist had to say – “I wanted to create an abstract sense of moving through the soft pastel colour planes of an early horizon – that child-like, ephemeral place between sleep and consciousness.” Dawn Ng

4 Hermes Dawn Ng_new

“Drawn from an ethereal palette of daybreak hues, pastel blocks and mirror panels of varying heights are juxtaposed throughout the space to create a floating world of colour portals for viewers to navigate through freely.” Exhibition Brief

Though the flagship store has been enlarged, the art space remains roughly the same size as the previous space. The installation felt like a maze. The pastel colors were fluid and seamlessly blended into its surroundings.

5 Hermes Dawn Ng Disappear into a Rainbow_new

“With each colour portal symbolizing a moment and a journey in itself, viewers are guided by the alternating rhythms of horizons and their unique sensorial experience, on an act of discovery that echoes a seamless perpetuity of losing and finding oneself in the art over and over again.” Exhibition Brief

When I visited the exhibition, there was only one other visitor. There was no music in the background and no people chattering. It was a very tranquil and calming experience. I especially liked Ng’s use of the mirrors – almost like a reminder to stop and reflect on the journey.

This art space on the 4th floor of Hermès Liat Towers was named Aloft at Hermès, and is one of the Fondation’s five art spaces around the world.

The exhibition is on from May 20th to August 14th, 2016.

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.



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