Hashida Sushi

Singapore, November 2016Hashida Sushi, one of most popular gourmet sushi restaurants in the Lion City, has moved to bigger premises a few months ago. This is a testament of its popularity amongst the local sushi lovers.


We were fortunate to be seated in front of Chef Yuji Sato, the Hokkaido native who is extremely skilled at crafting nigiri. I observed Chef Sato preparing the fish for nigiri. Even his movements in slicing the fish seemed rhythmic and artistic.

Chawamushi with Scallop, Chiso Leaf & Mushrooms 

We ordered the Ayame set lunch (SGD120)– which offers chawamushi, soup, premium nigiri sushi, a bowl of uni, ikura rice and dessert.

The Yuba (Tofu Skin) Ikura appetiser was beautifully done.


The sushi was a wonderful combination of Bonito, Yellowtail, ChuToro (Fatty Tuna), Barracuda, Ika (Cuttlefish), Unagi (Sea Eel) and Tamago (Egg).

Sato-san’s Uni-Ikura Rice Bowl was an impressive creation, and each bite was filled with richness.

The meal ended with a simple dessert of kaya custard inside a wafer pastry – in the shape of the Lion City’s mascot – the Merlion.


The atmosphere was more relaxing than some of the other upscale sushi restaurants. Sato-san was very friendly, and attentive to our preferences.

At the point of our departure, Sato-san presented us with a nice souvenir – Furoshiki (traditional Japanese wrapping cloth for bento and other boxes).


Hashida Sushi – T: +65 6733 2114   http://www.hashida.com.sg

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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