A Toddler’s London

disneycafe_newLondon – On our family vacation to London, Mr. King & I wanted to make sure that our toddler son enjoyed the city too. What we, adults, consider fun may not be the same for a child. No afternoon tea or foodie experience for him. Instead we settled on wholesome foods (Breadstreet Kitchen & Disney Café) and lots of play.

Here are some activities my child enjoyed:

1) Feeding ducks at Hyde Park

Hyde Park is easily accessible. Look for Serpentine Bar and Kitchen – it sits right on the edge of The Serpentine (lake) and is a nice place to have tea or a snack.


The geese and ducks eagerly gathered around us when we started throwing crumbs of bread. Tip – Must bring your own bread and not buy at Serpentine Bar and Kitchen, since their breads are expensive.

2) Weekend Brunch at Breadstreet Kitchen

Breadstreet Kitchen is one of the casual dining creations amongst Gordon Ramsay’s stable of restaurants.  We found the staff at Breadstreet very friendly and although the tables are cosy, there are lots of space inside the 2-level restaurant for children to roam around.


After being seated, my son was given a welcome pack for kids, which included coloring pencils and drawing papers. Fun stuff!

A live band was playing Jazz, so the ambience was very casual and lively. Instead of ordering from the Breadstreet children’s menu, we ordered roast chicken, which was juicy and tender!

3) Visit Hamleys

Hamleys’ history stretches back to the early 1800s, and its Regent Street shop was established in 1881.


It was like one big party at Hamleys on Regent Street. The “Party Crew” (I called them) all dressed up in red and colorful costumes, blew bubbles, sang, dance and played with various toys.

My son is a big Thomas and His Friends fan, so he was excited to play with the newly released Thomas toys. And he was intrigued by the Queen and her royal subjects in the Lego section.

4) Lunch at Harrods’ Disney Cafe

This is the first Disney Café outside of the Disney theme parks. It wasn’t as big as I imagined it to be, but there were enough distractions like the TV with Disney cartoons to keep any toddler occupied.

We ordered the Roast Chicken (yes again, somehow roast chicken seemed to be yummy everywhere we go in London) and grilled ham and cheese sandwich. Both were delicious!

5) Harrods’ Toy Kingdom

There is something for every child at the Toy Kingdom – Reading Room, Odyssey, The Wonder Land, Enchanted Forest, The Big Top and of course, Candy Store. There are many toy demos so my son got to try out quite a few new items…especially those real life size cars for kids.

6) Natural History Museum

There are numerous museums in London and most do not charge admission fee. Great for the children to explore! Also a good venue to stay warm and dry if weather gets cold and wet outside.

All photos were taken by Ms. King.


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