El Asador de Aranda

Barcelona, December 2016El Asador de Aranda is a paradise for all carnivores! “Suckling lamb, roasted in a clay oven is our speciality” is their slogan. The Asador de Aranda restaurants are spread across Spain, in major cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Oviedo, Sevilla and Valencia. We went to the most charming one on Avienda Tibidabo, located inside a Modernist house with these beautiful stained glass windows and gothic arches.

Although all the dining rooms were full for lunch on a Sunday, we received excellent service from the waiters to our maître d’. We were seated inside an ornately decorated dining room, and aside from us, the guests at other tables were all Spanish-speaking people. I could tell El Asador de Aranda is a favorite for the locals too. Did I mention complimentary Cava on the house?

Table Setting_new

For the four of us, we ordered and shared these dishes:


Iberian Ham Croquettes (Eur7.85) – these were delicious as a starter

Grilled Asparagus_new

Grilled Wild Asparagus with Maldon Salt and Romesco Sauce (Eur8.5) – these asparagus were juicy. We always enjoy asparagus in Spain.

Roasted Vegetables_new

Grilled Vegetables in our Authentic Wood-fired Oven (Eur11.50)– these vegetables were very fresh and flavorful from the oven.

¼ Roasted Suckling Lamb from Aranda de Duero IGP Castilla y Leon (Eur43) – our waitress first showed us the entire leg of lamb, before she proceeded to cut it into more manageable portions. The meat was so very tender and juicy.

¼ Roasted Suckling Pig IGP Segovia (Eur41.50) – again, our waitress displayed the pig (with head) to us before slicing into chunks. The skin was so crunchy. The meat was succulent and soft.

Green Salad_new

Green salad (lettuce, tomatoes and onions) (Eur5) –as with traditional Spanish meals, the salad arrived after the main course .

Children's Set_new

Even my son (4 years old) enjoyed this meal very much, and the restaurant had a Children’s Menu – chicken nuggets with fries (half portion at Eur10 or full portion at Eur18). I found this restaurant very family-friendly and relaxed despite its lavish decor.

This was one of those very satisfying hearty meals, and there was no room for desserts. Our waitress brought us the digestif (very, very strong) and some doughnut-like petit fours.

If one is seeking a traditional Asador, El Asador de Aranda is the place! This particular restaurant at Tibidabo is one of the most popular due to the unique architecture and scenic location (very near the Tibidabo amusement park). It is mentioned inside the Michelin Guide as “una buena comida” (a good meal), though no stars were awarded.

EL ASADOR DE ARANDA – 31 Avienda del Tibidabo, Barcelona, Spain   www.asadordearanda.net

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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