Paris, November 2018 – Cristal Room inside Maison Baccarat is one of those places I visit, not really for the cuisine but for its history and beautiful décor.   “A charming space, illuminated by the 157 glittering lights of the majestic chandelier, is dedicated to Baccarat’s art of entertainment”. One can appreciate its splendour, only when one is physically there.

Mrs King Baccarat Cristal Rm7A

When the restuarant first opened, it was decorated in muted colors “a la Philippe Starck” and positioned as a very formal restaurant with cuisine created by famed Chef Eric Frechon. In 2017, Jacques Grange transformed the décor into a more vibrant modern style, and Chef Mathieu Mecheri (from Mini Palais) made the cuisine lighter and more accessible.

Mrs King Baccarat Cristal Rm10A

Mr. King and I enjoyed strolling in the museum and admiring all the marvellous crystal artworks on display. The especially stunning installation was the dining room scenery, ready to serve the great characters of Paris – amongst them Coco Chanel, Josephine Baker and Salvatore Dali. The grandeur of all the magnificent chandeliers left a lasting impression.

Mrs King Baccarat Cristal Rm2A

Our dinner was an a-la-carte meal featuring :

Starter – Cream of Pumpkin Soup with Chestnut Chips

Mrs King Baccarat Cristal Rm3A

Main – Roasted Monkfish with Lardo du Colonna and Grilled Seabass with eggplant caviar

Mrs King Baccarat Cristal Rm11A

Mrs King Baccarat Cristal Rm12A

Dessert – Mirabelle Plum Souffle from Lorraine served in Baccarat crystalware

Mrs King Baccarat Cristal Rm SOuffle

The prices were reasonable, and our bill came to Euro 200 including two glasses of champagne. I must say the service was also excellent.

Mrs King Baccarat Cristal Rm8A

Afterall we were in the Cristal Room, it was imperative that we made a toast with Cristal Champagne!

Mrs King Baccarat Cristal Rm9A

All the photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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