Ladurée: A Little Taste of Paris

Laduree 2_newJune 2013 – It was the early 1990s after I graduated from university in New England when I travelled to Paris for the first time.

One morning, I happened to pass by the most charming shop – its façade was framed by pastel green windows and its displays were decorated with mountains of colorful macaroons – pink, purple, green, yellow, blue, brown and more!  So when I saw this view of adorable sweets, I couldn’t resist but bought myself a box of 18 macaroons!

Ladurée is not the only macaroon-maker in Paris, but this patisserie definitely makes the finest macaroons!  The macaroon shells are fragile, yet crispy and the fillings of ganache – whether be it rose petal cream or raspberry confiture or Ghana chocolate – are rich and refreshing, yet not sugary.  Ever since then, on every visit to Paris, I would stop by Ladurée to pick up my favorite treats – “A Little Taste of Paris” in pastel green boxes.

pape_new.jpgFast forward two decades later, Ladurée has brought “A Little Taste of Paris” to Singapore in mid-April.   Despite my aversion for long queues, I woke up at 9:30am and promptly headed to the new shop at 10am.  Fortunately for me, macaroons-crazed shoppers only started arriving in herds after 12 noon.  The shop is charming with their signature pastel green décor.  I am also a fan of their exquisite boxes, which make superb mementos.   This time, I decided that I must have the “limited edition Singapour” box featuring a blond girl strolling with a poodle, Ladurée green bag in hand.

At last, it was my turn ; I ordered my favorite flavors – Citron (lemon), Rose (rose petal), Chocolate, Café (coffee), Pistache (pistachio), Framboise (Raspberry) and to be adventurous, an  Marie Antoinette – which came in a beguiling baby blue color!   I ate them as soon as I got home 20 minutes later……Yes, it was “A Little Taste of Paris” indeed!

Laduree 1_newThen, I had another thought…I wish they hadn’t opened a Ladurée in Singapore at all.   Somehow, I felt as if I have been robbed of my Parisian experience.  Fortunately, there is no Ladurée “Salón de té” in Singapore;  at least, I can keep my other ritual of going to my favorite Ladurée at Madeline for breakfast  – nothing like a French petit déjeuner!

November 2015 – A few months after their grand opening, the queues outside Ladurée’s Singapore shop had somehow vanished. Perhaps, the novelty factor has worn off. I am still a fan of their macaroons, but I only purchase them occasionally.


All photos were taken by Mrs. King.


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  1. Phillip says:

    Love Ladurée! Je Suis Paris!

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  2. thehomemakerslife says:

    I’ve always wanted to try Ladurée! 🙂 Great post 🙂

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