High Tea made with TLC (Tender Loving Care)

Tea Party_newLittle K, my son is already 3 years old, but the memories of my baby shower party is still fresh in my mind. My friends, Jessica and Wendy threw me a shower party that can only be described as breathtakingly beautiful – a feast for our eyes and a treat for our taste buds! The secrets to the party’s success were the meticulous preparations, an eye for all things pretty and some tender loving care (TLC).

Macarons n Cake_newI love afternoon tea, even from a young age. What made this tea party extraordinary for me was that it was homemade and thoughtful. The two ladies decorated the dining table and buffets with my favorite flowers – peonies, hydrangeas, hibiscus and ivy. Each guest received a party favour – lip balm, potpourri, lotion and fresh flowers – in a personalised basket.

Side Table_new.jpgHomemade savories, such as chicken wings and spring rolls, were placed inside pastel blue and yellow paper bags and cups. Bags for the chicken wings had to be individually cut down to the exact size as we see them in the photo; so it required some handicraft work. Wendy added a whimsical touch by placing her collection of miniature leather animals around the buffet.

Lollipops_new.jpgThe macarons were placed on stick and looked like lollipops! When I looked closely at the jar of jellybeans, I discovered that they were in fact tiny babies!


The most “artistic” prize went to this platter of open-faced sandwiches, which Jessica and her daughter decorated according to the designs in Martha Stewart’s book.

Cherries Lemonade_new.jpg

Each bottle of lemonade was wrapped with polka dot paper and adorned with a diaper pin and a ribbon.


To more than satisfy our sweet tooth, chocolates were served inside high-stem glassware – that made them too precious to eat!

For those who are interested in creating your own tea party, here is the menu:

  • Savories – Vietnamese spring rolls & fried chicken wings
  • Smoked salmon and pâté sandwiches
  • Cheese board
  • Salad sticks and dips
  • Canapé – deviled eggs (hard boiled eggs filled with fish roe)
  • Raisin Scones with clotted cream and rose petal jam
  • Macarons & “Lollipop” macarons
  • Chocolate truffle cake with vanilla icing
  • Assortment of chocolates
  • Fruits – Cherries
  • Lemonade

And please remember to add that very special ingredient – Tender Loving Care !

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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