Roca Moo: On the Road to Can Roca

Barcelona, February 2016 – Though we do not consider ourselves “foodies”, Mr. King & I found ourselves on a culinary journey to Girona, where the world’s number 1 restaurant – El Celler de Can Roca – resides. On our way there, we stopped by Roca Moo, the Barcelona-based one-Michelin star restaurant created by the Roca brothers of El Celler de Can Roca. This was the perfect prelude to the ultimate dining experience.

From each table, diners have a clear view of Head Chef Juan Pretel and his team meticulously preparing each course. Two tasting menus are available – The Classic with 6 courses or Joan Roca Menu with 8 courses.

Mr. King & I decided to try the Classic Menu. Every course was as delicious as it was creative and beautifully presented.

2 Amuse Bouche_new

Amuse Bouche – Mandarinas (oranges in Spanish) crackers, ebi (shrimp in Japanese) stick, roast pork bun and citrus bonbon. Can you spot the tiny ebi?

3 Amuse Bouche_new

Amuse Bouche – Squid ink whipped potatoes with octopus

4 Roca Moo Golden Egg_new

Golden Egg – I almost didn’t have the heart to break this delicate beauty! Inside was a yolk made of potato puree. The crunchy cereal enhanced the texture.

7 Oxtail_new

Oxtail Ravioli – Don’t underestimate this little dumpling. The rich oxtail flavours were pure indulgence.

8 Turbot_new

Turbot – The portion of the turbot was very generous. Mr. King and I especially enjoyed the tomato caviar, which gave the dish an unexpected twist.

9 Pig_new

Suckling Pig – The avocado, mustard and citric emulsion complemented the pig perfectly.

Cloud – Sheep’s milk ice cream with guava topped with a “cloud” made from cotton candy. The combination was amazing! This is a Roca signature dessert.

12 Chocolate Forest_new

Chocolate Forest – Venture through this forest of beetroot granita, rose petal sorbet, blueberries and chocolate.

13 Petits Fours_new

Roca Moo is situated inside the very hip Hotel Omm, so the ambience is very relaxed and lively.

Hope you enjoyed this post…coming soon next post on our dinner at El Celler de Can Roca.

February 2019 – I just found out that Roca Moo has closed its doors in Barcelona.  They will be missed.

 All photos were taken by Mrs. King. 




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