Artisan Steak at Fat Cow

1 FatCow_newSingapore, November 2015 – When selecting a venue to celebrate my friend, Hilda’s birthday, I had to think extra hard since she is an epicurean with a passion for meats.   We decided on dinner at the “off-the-beaten track” artisan meat specialist – Fat Cow. The Japanese-inspired steakhouse was cozy, with a U-shaped counter that accommodated less than 20 diners.

“Fat Cow serves luxurious bespoke meats tailor-made to every individual. From delicately grilled with charcoal to blisteringly seared on the Teppan, there is a way you take your meats and Fat Cow will prepare it, just the way you would.” (Fat Cow Singapore)

2 FatCow Sashimi_newWe began our meal with:

Chu-Toro & Uni Sashimi – Mid belly tuna and sea urchin. The portion was very generous.

3 FatCow Black Truffles_new

Tai No Kuro-Toryufu – Sliced bream with black truffle and seasoned kelp. It was like a black truffle Carpaccio, Japanese style.

4 FatCow Momotaro_new

Momotaro “Sashimi” Salad – Thinly sliced Japanese fruit tomato, mizuna, fresh herbs & ginger ponzu. If you have tasted Japanese tomatoes before, you may already know how naturally sweet they are. With Fat Cow’s seasoning, this salad was zesty.

5 FatCow OnsenTamago_new

Onsen Tamago No Gyu “Marrow” Furai – Traditional ‘onsen-egg’ served warm with a hunk of crispy fried beef bone marrow in a citrus dashi. Doesn’t the description already make your imagination go wild and mouth watering? I personally think this was one of the most interesting dishes at Fat Cow.

6 FatCow Shrimps_new

Grilled Carabineros – Spanish red prawns. When I lived in Spain a while back, I developed a passion for Carabineros. So when I saw these Spanish red prawns on the menu, I was very excited, and yes, they were delicious!

7 FatCow Ribeye_new

As expected, meats took center stage. The menu of steak spanned 3 continents: Japan, Australia and United States.   From Japan, Fat Cow offered Saga – Grade A3 tenderloin, Saga Grace A3 Sirloin and Ohmi Grade A4 Ribeye as well as Iwate Grade A5 Ribeye. From Australia, one can choose between the Blackmore Ranch and Rangers Valley wagyu. From the United States, Brandt Beef – 100% source-verified antibiotic and hormone free – was offered.

For those who are interested in understanding the grading system of Japanese Wagyu, you may want to read more on The Wagyu’s website .

Hilda and I enjoyed the Ohmi Grade A4 Ribeye, followed by Saga Grade A3 Sirloin. Both steaks were succulent and tender, but somehow, I preferred the Sirloin, which melted in my mouth! Fat Cow’s special Fat Rice was the perfect accompaniment to the steaks.

To satisfy our sweet tooth, we ordered Hokkaido Milk and Warabu Mochi. These desserts were refreshing after the rich decadent steaks.

12 FatCow Birthday_new

Hilda’s birthday cake came in the form of a medley of lovely Japanese sweets and ice cream.   たんじょうびおめでとうございます (tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu)!


All photos were taken by Mrs. King


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