GEORGES at Pompidou

Paris, October 2014 – In the film “The Hundred Foot Journey”, scenes of a molecular gastronomic kitchen were shot at Restaurant GEORGES situated at the top of contemporary art museum, Centre Pompidou. Wonderful memories of our lunch there came rushing back.

With a spectacular view overlooking the rooftops of the Parisian tenements, GEORGES is modern and adorned with matt silver sculptures that are formed tunnel-like structures in the double volume space.

Having left our toddler son at the hotel, I was late. Mr. King took the liberty of ordering for me.  I always love a good surprise.

It wasn’t our anniversary, but we just pretended that it was, and ordered some bubbly.

6 Georges Avacado Crab_new

To start, I had the Whipped Avocado with King Crab. This dish was refreshing and perfect with champagne.

Mr. King was all healthy – and went for the Fresh Extra Thin Green Beans & Mushroom Salad. He said, “It was delicious.” I took a bite and I agreed with him. The dish looked simple enough, but the seasoning and the freshness of the beans really stood out.

5 Georges Green Beans_new

My main course was Wild King Prawns, Coco & Lemongrass. The flavors were just right.

8 Georges King Prawns_new

My husband went for the Steamed Bio Salmon, very light, tender and juicy! One should never estimate the difficulty of cooking the perfect salmon. I detest an overcooked, dry salmon as much as I do an undercooked salmon.

7 Georges Salmon_new


The sun shone warmly into the restaurant. We felt cheerful, or was it the effect from the bubbly?!

The menu at GEORGES was well conceptualized in the sense that it catered to the average museumgoer who just dropped by for a quick bite and the diners looking for a casual and fun experience. After several meals of heavy traditional French cuisine, the modern French style here was a breath of fresh air. The waiters were very friendly, and even humorous.


GEORGES is a restaurant that I have repeatedly recommended to friends, whenever someone goes to Paris. With the view (day and night are totally different), fine cuisine and excellent service, it is a reliable choice. And of course, after lunch, it was time for some exercise and what better place than to stroll inside the Pompidou!

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.


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  1. nice2beme says:

    I just came from my trip to Paris, but unfortunately I could`t try the real French cuisine this time. I was by my own I didn`t want to get into very touristic places to eat. I know that there are always some special places where they serve truly national and delicious food. I would love to visit this Georges restaurant one day. I like the view from it`s windows and I hope to like the food. You are welcome to check my new blogpost about Paris as a fresh view from someone who was there for the first time)


    1. Hello, Thank you for stopping by my blog . I am glad you enjoyed this post on GEORGES. I hope you will get a chance to visit it on your next trip to Paris. I am a big fan of Paris, so there will be more posts on the City of Light in the near future; so please follow me to read more. I look forward to reading more travel posts on your lovely blog. Mrs. King : )

      Liked by 1 person

      1. nice2beme says:

        Even if it was my first time in Paris I would say that I`m pretty familiar with this city now. I should definitely come back one day, so I will need your advices =D

        Liked by 1 person

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