Bobby Bräuer’s EssZimmer

EssZimmer BMW_new

Munich, June 2015 – Who would have thought that one of Munich’s finest restaurants is above a car showroom? The Michelin 2-star EssZimmer by Bobby Bräuer is nested inside BMW Welt, the state-of-the art exhibition facility showcasing the latest BMW automobiles.

EssZimmer BMW Welt2_new

The futuristic architecture of BMW Welt alone was impressive enough. Mr. King and I visited the BMW Welt and the BMW Museum in the daytime, and the view was magnificent with the Olympiapark looming in the background.

EssZimmer Lounge_newWhen we arrived at 7pm in the evening, the exhibition space was nearly empty, with the last visitors on their way home. EssZimmer (in German, meaning “dining room”) is located on the third floor, with panoramic windows overlooking the BMW showcase.

EssZimmer Kitchen_new

While the BMW Welt exerts an ultramodern cool style, EssZimmer is luxurious and cosy, with dark brown leather chairs and lots of artworks scattered around. Chefs hard-at-work in the kitchen could be seen through an elongated window as we walked towards the main dining room.

The restaurant focuses on French cuisine with some Mediterranean influence. Mr. King and I selected the tasting menu – 6 courses. The service was impeccable. In fact, the menu stretched well beyond 6 courses, with a few amuse-bouche that teased the senses – visual, taste and smell!

After such interesting amuse-bouche, we had high expectations of the Tasting Menu.

5 EssZimmer Ox_new

Filet of Mountain Ox , Imperial Caviar / Parsley – this dish was a wonderful starter.

6 EssZimmer Salmon_new

Danube Salmon, Zucchini Blossoms / Tomato – the portion of salmon was generous, and zucchini blossoms went well with the fish.

7 EssZimmer Eel_new

Asparagus, Smoked Eel / Watercress – this course had to be eaten along with a consommé that was served in a shooter glass.

8 EssZimmer Beef_new

Veal Fillet , Morel a la crème / Pommes Maxime – the veal was extremely tender, and the morels were delicious.

9 EssZimmer Dessert_new

I especially enjoyed the two desserts – Strawberry Vanilla / Cauliflower and Spruce Bud Wild Berry / Dulce. The combination of vegetables and fruits gave each dessert a refreshing flavor.

10 EssZimmer Dessert2_new

As you can see, each course was exquisite, and the menu was light, yet sumptuous for a summer evening.


After dinner, EssZimmer also provided a complimentary car transfer for all guests. Of course, the chauffeured car was none other than a BMW 7-series sedan. What a perfect way to end the night!

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

EssZimmer BMW Welt_new
BMW Welt, Demonstration Track

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