Rendezvous with petit h

Oragami Rabbit_newSingapore, August 2013 – The petit h exhibition in Hong Kong last year left me with a lasting impression – the amount of creativity was astounding! Petit h is the laboratory and workshop of re-inventions using various discarded Hermès materials from silk to leather to crystals to porcelain to stirrups and turns them into playful, whimsical creations – some truly extraordinary objects. So I was happy to have a little rendezvous with petit h in Singapore, where the collection was exhibited from Jul 26 to Aug 11.

Le petit H invite_new

Petit h is the brainchild of Madame Pascale Mussard, who is also a Hermès family member. In an interview last year, Madam Mussard was quoted, “petit h is about fantasy. I think at Hermès we have a lot of fantasy. I think Hermès is an oxymoron. We are serious about quality but we also want to be fun and playful. At Hermes we are bit like that.”

Thanks to the artisans and craftsmen who produced an array of handiworks that realized that fantasy!


Aside from the many smaller intriguing objects such as silk scarf pouches, handbags, chopstick holders, leather pencil holders & leather bangles, a few creations caught my eye and curiosity.

Leather Panda_new

Giant Leather Panda – his body was made from a medley of leather “scraps.”

Le Petit H Creations_new

Doghouse – any puppy would adore this lovely home which is decorated in yellow checkered fabric.


Swing – The seat was made of yellow leather and the ropes made from a set of stirrups. Yes – real ones for horseback riding! Let’s not forget that Hermès started as a maker of harnesses and bridles for the carriage trade.

Home décor – An airplane made from orange and green crocodile leather. How about a racecar made from discarded leather change trays?

Oragami Rabbit Leather Sculpture – It was crafted by petit h saddler leatherworkers and made of Hermès orange leather in an origami shape, a tribute to the Japanese origami art. I recalled that they had a similar sculpture in Hong Kong, but was it a dog or bear ?? Anyways, the price tag was equally astonishing – some six-digits sum!

Boxes with charms_new

Lastly, I must mention the ingenious packaging for petit h. Each object is wrapped with the traditional Hermès box and ribbon – plus a petit h leather charm. The chaine d’ancre shape leather charm is available at all petit h roadshows, but the lion and orchid charms are unique to Singapore. At the Hong Kong exhibition, my purchase was adorned with a charm in the shape of a “junk” (an ancient Chinese sailing vessel) – often associated with the fragrant harbor of Hong Kong. What a charming touch!

For those who missed the petit h exhibitions, you will be happy to know that Hermès has given the petit h concept a permanent home on Rue de Sevres in Paris. 

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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