First Time at Sushi-Ichi

SushiIchiNigiri 3_newSingapore, September 2013 – Over the past few years, a number of gourmet Japanese restaurants have sprung up in the Lion City. The latest comer is Michelin 1-star Sushi-Ichi, which hails from Ginza, Tokyo.

Sushi-ichi takes pride in being “the first in Singapore to offer an exquisite degustation menu featuring top-tier Kyoto Kaiseki, complimented with premium Sushi offerings.”

I went there for a ladies lunch, and found a “full house” with not even one empty seat. Since it was our first visit to Sushi-Ichi, my friend and I decided to savor the more extensive omakase lunch menu.

Amuse Bouche – daikon with bean curd

Amuse bouche_new

Seasonal dish – Matsutake Mushrooms & Eel soup

SushiIchi eel Soup_new

Seasonal dish – Soup with White Sweet Corn, Fried Fish, Fig, Jelly with lady fingers with Shrimp Terrine

SUshi IchiAppetizer_new

Sashimi – Suzuki fish, White Conch

SUshiIchi Sashimi_new

Nigiri Sushi – an assortment of sushi – Maguro (Tuna), ChuToro (Tuna Belly), Shiroebi (White Shrimp), Anago (sea eel), Bonito, Tamago (egg) and maki (roll). In fine Japanese cuisine, the chef serves the sushi piece by piece. Each piece is made in front of the diner and placed in front of the diner to be consumed immediately. There are two ways to eat the sushi – with your fingers or using chopsticks. At Sushi-ichi, a wet towel is provided for wiping fingers after the consumption of each piece of sushi or maki.

SUshi IchiNigiri_new

Chirashi – Uni, Akakai, Kampachi, Smoked Bonita on rice. Sushi-ichi’s chirashi comes in a small bowl (size of a miso soup cup), and has a distinct flavor of lime in it. Each restaurant makes their chirashi with homemade marinate, so the tastes are distinctly different.


Miso Soup

Desserts – Mango pudding, Sorbets, Fruits


According to Sushi-Ichi, “The menus by grand sushi master, Chef Yuji Yabe and acclaimed Kyoto Kaiseki Ryori craft master, Chef Hiroki Sudou, are designed based on seasonal ingredients freshly imported from the famous Tsujiki market in Japan.”

SushiIchi Nigiri 2_newTrue to its reputation, each Kaiseki course was dainty and delicate in its presentation, and the sushi was fresh and exquisite.  A memorable experience. おいしい Oiishi!  

SushiIchi Entrance_newNotes : Ichiban means “Number One” in Japanese. Kaiseiki (懐石) refers to the traditional multi-course Japanese meal, originated from Kyoto. Oiishi means “Delicious” in Japanese.

Update:  Sushi-Ichi at Scotts Square had closed down. In 2015, it reopened as Ginza Sushiichi at Marriott Tang Hotel.

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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