Ginza Sushi Ichi, Singapore

1 SushiIchi Inside_newSingapore, April 2016 –.  Last week, I visited Ginza Sushi Ichi  (newly minted One Michelin star in July 2016 and the Singapore outpost of  Michelin 1-star Sushiichi in Tokyo) for lunch with my friend (a sushi-addict like me).  It was superb! We selected the Tokusen Nigiri set – 10 pieces of sushi, miso soup and dessert.

Sushi Ichi’s lunch menu is priced from S$70 to over S$200 for omakase (chef’s choice). Our Tokusen Nigiri set (S$150) included Kimmedai (splendid alfonsino), Hiramasa (yellowtail amberjack), Mirugai (razor clam), Maguro (bluefin tuna), Shima-ebi (rare striped shrimps) and of course, Chutoro (fatty bluefin tuna).

Some diners may have heard of Sushi-ichi at Scotts Square which closed down in 2014.  In case you are wondering about the difference between the current Ginza Sushi Ichi and Sushi-ichi (see my  post on Sushi-ichi), both are affiliated with Ginza’s Sushi Ichi, but the current menu is focused on premium sushi and not on kaiseki-style dishes.  The prices are also more reasonable at the current outpost.

2 SushiIchi Otoshi_new

According to Ginza Sushiichi – “The essential sushi shop menu item is tuna. At Sushi-ichi, we are very particular about our tuna. Our staff purchase stock directly from a tuna distributer called Hicho which is ranked in the top 5 at Tsukiji Market. We carefully select wild Japanese tuna – which is very difficult to get because catches are small – and always ensure that we prepare the very highest quality product. In the same way, one of the things that this shop is very strict about is providing sea-urchin that was purchased at the first auction of that day.”

I savored each piece of sushi – which were seasoned to perfection! In particular, I enjoyed the shima-ebi nigiri and uni & ikura rice. I was simply in “sushi-heaven”!

3 Sushichi Nigiri_new
Kimmedai & Hiramasa
4 SushiIchi ShimaEbi_new
Shima Ebi (rare Striped Shrimps)
5 SushiIchi Tuna_new
Maguro & Chutoro
6 SushiIchi Miso Soup_new
Miso Soup with Yam
7 SushiIchi Nigiri_new
8 SUshiIchi Uni Ikura Rice_new
Uni Ikura Chirashi

9 SushiIchi Unagi_new

10 SushiIchi Salt Ice Cream_new
Salt Ice Cream Sandwich

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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