FOC by Nandu Jubany

3 FOC White Asparagus_new
White Asparagus, Spinach Soup

Singapore, May 2016 – According to our Spanish friends, FOC makes the best pulpo (octopus) tapas in Singapore. Mr. King and I finally made it to this very happening tapas bar last weekend.

“FOC Restaurant, is a collaboration between Michelin-Starred Chef Nandu Jubany, Chef Jordi Noguera and award-winning mixologist Dario Knox.  At FOC you will be greeted by sights and sounds of a busy open kitchen and cocktail bar where chefs and mixologists work side-by-side.” (

4 FOC Scallop_new
Grilled Scallops, Soy Caviar, Bonito Stock

Mr. King and I ordered a few tapas to share and an arroz negro (squid ink paella rice with seafood). The food was amazing! In particular, we enjoyed the scallop and arroz negro. It was suggested that we eat the scallop first and then drink the bonito broth. Extremely flavourful!

5 FOC Padron Peppers_new
Padron & Piquillo Peppers
7 FOC Squink Ink Rice_new
Pulpo a la Gallega / Octopus Gallician Style
6 FOC Arroz Negro_new
Arroz Negro / Black Mediterranean Squid Ink Paella

To finish, we had a crema catalunya, but were surprised by the more liquid texture with ice-cream, fresh strawberries and caramel at the bottom. It was a refreshing finish to the meal.

8 FOC Crema Catalunya_new
Crema Catalunya

Lastly, I must mention the décor – especially the sculptures of big heads scattered around the premises.

2 FOC _new

FOC explains on their website – “The big heads called “Capgros” commonly used as burlesque mask in street festivals around Catalunya are here used as huge lamps (by the way: they are portraying the chef and other partners [including the business manager and owner] of the restaurant). 
Other signature lamps are made using the typical catalan wine jar called “porron”, the iconic oil dispenser and pepper mills.”

After dinner, in case you are ready for more fun cocktails, do hop down to the neighboring bar by the name of 28 Hong Kong Street#1 on the Asia’s 50 Best Bars list 2016.

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.


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