Café Sacher Salzburg

1 Sacher Cafe_newSalzburg, June 2015 – During my recent family vacation in Salzburg, we enjoyed several meals at the Café Sacher. Situated inside the legendary Hotel Sacher, the Café is decorated in Sacher’s signature burgundy red upholstery, crystal chandeliers – exerting old world charms.

3 Sacher Cafe_new

4 Sacher Cafe_new

7 Cafe Sacher_newAside from their famed pastries and cakes, they serve excellent savory dishes as well. My son, Little K enjoyed their consommé and Tafelspitz, a traditional Austrian dish that is boiled beef in broth. As with many Austrian dishes, potatoes are served with the main course. At Café Sacher, the potatoes had a crispy texture, so I am guessing that it was baked.   The other nice garnishing was the spinach puree and lots of chunky veggies on the side (enough to keep any mom happy!).

Café Sacher is casual, yet intimate. It is even kid-friendly; there is a small kids corner with toys and activities that kept our little one busy while we had our desserts.

9 Cafe Sacher_new

There was an endless array of desserts to choose from. The cake tray was filled with the likes of Napoleon, fruit tarts, blueberry cheesecakes, Linzer torte and more.

5 Cafe Sacher_new

Aside from the house favorite – Sachertorte, we tried their apple strudel, which was sumptuously filled with cinnamon apples inside a light flaky crust. Perfection!

10 Cafe Sacher_new
Hot Chocolate

Last but not least, we had to try their famous chocolates – both hot chocolate and iced chocolate. The hot chocolate was rich and creamy.

6 Cafe Sacher_new
Iced Chocolate

The iced chocolate came in the form of what looks like an ice cream soda to me. The chocolate ice cream was submerged into iced chocolate milk and topped with a generous amount of fresh cream. It was heavenly!

What can I say?! Café Sacher is one of my favorite places to dine in Salzburg.

16 Hotel Sacher Kids Corner_new
Kids Corner

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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  1. My family had the good fortune to eat here in December– delicious! Your photos brought it all back for me. Thanks for sharing!


    1. It is a real gem. Glad you enjoyed this post. Thank you : )

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