Mr. & Mrs. Vigné’s PfefferSchiff

14 PfefferSchiff_newSalzburg, June 2015 – Our most idyllic Austrian gourmet dinner was at Pfefferschiff (meaning “Pepper Ship”) in Söllheim, about 15 minutes from UNESCO World Heritage City, Salzburg. Chef Jürgen Vigné and Iris are the husband and wife team behind this sublime, yet very relaxed restaurant.

1 PfefferSchiff_new

On a breezy summer evening, Mr. King and I arrived at the beautiful restaurant/inn, which are situated next to the 17th century St. Anthony’s Chapel. As we were shown to our table on the terrace, I recalled thinking that it was the perfect evening to dine alfresco.

There were two menus to choose from Menu Pfefferschiff and the more extensive Menu Jürgen Vigné. I selected Menu Pfefferschiff – a 6-course dinner (Euro 98). Pfefferschiff’s French-influenced Austrian modern cuisine is aesthetically breathtaking and creative.

Gooseliver – rhubarb, celery, macadamia nut

Soup Collection – asparagus cream soup, ham cigar & asparagus tea, smoked caviar

7 PfefferSchiff_new

Lobster Ravioli – pea, fennel, mint

10 PfefferSchiff_new


11 PfefferSchiff_new

Veal – mushroom, asparagus, chervil

12 PfefferSchiff_newCheese of the Cheese Trolley

I was in awe of Chef Vigné’s beautiful creations. The cuisine was top-notch, with a very romantic ambience to match.  I am surprised that the restaurant has only one Michelin star.

18 PfefferSchiff_new
Iris Vigne returning to her restaurant after showing us out.

The entire culinary experience was delightful, and everyone at Pfefferschiff was amicable (just as their mission statement – see plaque below stated).  These personal touches made the dinner even more memorable; Iris, a superb sommelier, also walked us out of the restaurant when it was time to say, “Adieu!”

19 PfefferSchiff

All the photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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    This is interesting! Thanks for this review! 🙂


    1. Thank you. Happy you enjoyed it. : )

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