Saha at National Gallery

1 Saha_newSingapore, May 2016 – It was another night out – dining at the museum. This time, dinner was at Saha Signature Indian Restaurant – serving sophisticated modern Indian cuisine.

2 Saha_new

Abhijit Saha, one of India’s leading chefs is the architect of Saha’s avant-garde cuisine – a mixture of both Northern and Southern Indian dishes.

5 Saha_new

Baked Samosa Triangles – potato, cashew, green peas filling and chutney foam

Mr. King and I especially enjoyed the Baked Samosa Triangles – which were flaky and the dip made of mint, cilantro and chutney was the perfect condiment.

3 Saha_new

Red, White & Green Salad – pickled beets, asparagus, plum, dragon fruit, grapefruit, yoghurt, honey, pine nut and cumin

4 Saha_new

The salad was a refreshing appetizer, with lots of fruits.

6 Saha_new

Kaffir Lime Flavored Tandoori Salmon – The salmon was delicious, and portion was very generous.

8 Saha_new

Pashmina Chicken Supreme Kebab – Mace and cardamom marinade, toasted pistachio and saffron sauce

7 Saha_new

Malabar Prawn Curry – One of the most impressive dishes was the unassuming Malabar Prawn Curry.  It looked simple, but the curry conveyed a complexity of flavors.

9 Saha_new

We ended our meal with Masala chai – aromatic spiced tea  – good for digestion.

10 Saha_new

Saha – 1 St Andrew’s Rd, 03 National Gallery, 178957

All the photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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