Lunch @ Restaurant ANDRE

Singapore, January 2016 – A week after our dinner there, Mr. King dropped by Restaurant ANDRE and made a reservation for our next lunch. That said it all – Mr. King was more than impressed.

Restaurant ANDRE has received numerous accolades since its inception – World’s 50 Best Restaurant 2016 – #32; Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016 – #3; Two Michelin Stars – 2016.   These are no small feats.

13 Restaurant ANDRE_newFor a restaurant to be at the top, consistency and innovation are the keys to success. Chef Andre Chiang is definitely at the top of his game!

The lunch menu – Menu du Moment – is very different from ANDRE’s “octaphilosophy” dinner concept. Instead of the 8 courses plus numerous snackings, lunch is 6-courses with only one snacking. Lunch is $198++ while dinner is $350++ (without wine pairing).

The crucial difference is the concept – the menu is developed together with Andre’s team. Each member of the culinary team is asked to write on a board – how they imagine the fresh ingredients should be paired and cooked. The menu is then developed from these “intellectual, creative” discussions.

12 Restaurant ANDRE_new

Let’s take a look at our lunch:

Snacking was an orange crisp, Magadascar vanilla with duck yolk. It tasted nothing like duck yolk, and more like a mascarpone cheese filling with wafer thins infused with orange flavors.

1 Restaurant ANDRE_new

Textures of Topinambour, Mushroom Duxelle and Salad, Foie Gras Parfait with Coffee Soil – This was my favorite dish at this lunch. Topinambour is Jerusalem artichokes, and they brought a distinct flavor to this dish. The coffee soil is one of Chef Andre’s signature creations.

2 Restaurant ANDRE_new

Char Grilled Blue Lobster, Smoked Celeriac Puree and Remoulade, Celery Oil and Buttermilk – The blue lobster was from France, and its meat was firm and fresh. It was perfectly cooked.

14 Restaurant ANDRE_new

Toasted Marble Goby, Sea Succulents Beurre Blanc, Cassava Water Chestnut Espuma – This was perhaps the most extraordinary dish at lunch. The marble goby, a local fish, was wrapped with crispy toast. The fish was succulent. Water chestnut espuma was an ideal compliment.

Slow Roasted Quinoa Welsh Lamb, Curried Savoy Cabbage, Burnt Kunamoto Oyster – We had a wonderful Welsh Lamb at our dinner in December, and requested for Welsh lamb again. We were totally surprised to see this dish. It looked completely different from the previous version we had. The lamb was hidden under the curried savoy cabbage, which was thin and crispy as a piece of dried seaweed. Again, Chef Andre surprised us!

Pickled Heirloom Baby Beets, Pomegranate Ice and Mint, Wild Berries Salsa – This dessert was very refreshing. I wished I ate it faster, before the pomegranate ice melted away. I also loved the use of beets and berries in this concoction.

8 Restaurant ANDRE_new

Mandarin, Apricot, Pumpkin, Speculoos and Crème fraîche Sherbet, Toffee Sheets, Dust of Pain D’Epices – This dessert screamed “texture, texture”! There were so many different textures and tangy citrus essences. It was actually richer than I imagined it.

9 Restaurant ANDRE_new

The ever-friendly Chef Andre came to say “hello” after we finished our desserts. Chef Andre is very committed to his restaurant, and tries to restrict travels so that he can be at his restaurant most of the year. We admire his attention to details and his commitment to his craft.

Restaurant ANDRE – 41 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089855.  Tel: +65 6534 8880

For my dinner experience at Restaurant ANDRE, please read Edible Art by Chef Andre.

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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