Barcelona, December 2016 – No other tapas bar in the world is quite like TICKETS in Barcelona, the brainchild of Albert Adria (of El Bulli fame). TICKETS’ ranking at No. 29 on the World’s Best 50 Restaurant list is a testimonial in itself and the most flattering compliment.

Cuttlefish / Basil Waffles

Our first visit to TICKETS earlier this year was an eye-opener, since Mr. King and I never expected “this” to be tapas. So on the plane went again and 13.5 hours later, we ended up in Barcelona for our wedding anniversary weekend. At the top of our list was TICKETS, and we were lucky to score seats.

Tempura Vegetables

We were eager to savor some of the wonderfully creative tapas we had in February, but the waitress informed us that the menu changes every two months. Therefore, our waitress took the liberty of ordering for us. The dinner was still amazing, with many fresh innovative tapas.

Suckling Pig Taco / Foie Gras Bikini

The standout dishes were the Pork Taco (suckling pork served inside a green leaf), Crab salad (King Crab), Wagyu Beef (always tender and juicy) and of course, the Crunchy Octopus.

Pasta (? look carefully, it is made of mushrooms) / Wagyu Steak

Sea Urchin with Peas / Crunchy Octopus

Crab Salad

Aside from the famous Rose dessert (you have to “suck up” the cherry drop at the flower’s center), we had Coconut with Lime Sorbet, Smokey Baklava and Chocolate Hazelnut Cake (that resembled the wine bottle cork).


When one dines at TICKETS, there is always this sense of excitement and suspense as one never knows what to expect. Very whimsical place, especially if one hasn’t experienced the creations of Albert Adria.

TICKETS – Avinguda del Paral·lel, 164 – 08015 Barcelona

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All photos were taken by Mrs. King. My photos usually do not undergo photoshop or enhancements in order to preserve my original impressions of the objects. 


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