Afternoon Tea at Janice Wong

Janice WOng SIngapore3_new

Singapore, August 2017 – Dining at the museum has never been more interesting. I was excited to try the afternoon tea set at the restaurant of world-famous , home-grown Singaporean Pastry Chef Janice Wong. Located inside the National Museum of Singapore which showcases the city state’s history, JANICE WONG is a fitting compliment to the Singapore art scene.

Janice Wong SIngapore2_new

Chef Janice (World’s 50 Best Restaurants – Best Pastry Chef 2013 & 2014) is regarded as an artist as well as a pastry chef. All the paintings at her restaurant were painted by her… using unusual mediums such as chocolate, liquefied cotton candy and marshmallows. Even the tables are covered with painted chocolate !

Janice Wong afternoon Tea_new

My friend and I tried the tea for two.
The food arrived on an acrylic platter which resembled an artist paint palette. The platter was placed on top of an acrylic box which had rock sugar shaped like colorful corals inside.

Janice Wong tea savaories_new

The savories are created by Chef Ma ( formerly of Ding Tai Feng , famed dumpling restaurant). Her tea savories are various buns and dumplings…a delicious start!

Janice Wong tea _new

For the sweet treats, we started with the churros – very lovely cinnamon and sugar flavors…chocolate dip was thick and not too sweet. Chocolate cake was very very rich.  Cheese tart tasted like lemon tarts with just a hint of cheese.

Janice Wong Tea Ice Cream_new

We had a choice of 3 homemade ice creams, and opted for blood orange sorbet, coconut marshmallows and Inaya chocolate. We also ate the ice cream from lightest to heaviest. The coconut marshmallow was the standout flavor – in terms of taste and texture – chewy and creamy at the same time. Inaya chocolate is definitely for those who love dark, rich chocolate.

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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