Yayoi Kusama: Life is at the Heart of a Rainbow

Singapore, August 2017 – Discover 70 years of artistic obsession at National Gallery Singapore. Yayoi Kusama’s Life is at the Heart of a Rainbow exhibition was as fun for my 5-year old son as it was for me. The museum even created a menu with a Yayoi Kusama theme…here is the dessert (Coconut mousse, mango curd, pumpkin biscuit) resembling Kusama’s famous pumpkins.

2 Yayoi Kusama Dessert _new

6 Yayoi Kusama Pumpkims_new

Infinity Room – each person was limited to 20 seconds inside, and boy, that time went by pretty quickly! The mirrors create the illusion of “infinity”, and lights are changing so quickly. Before I knew it, time was up.

9 Yayoi Kusama Infinity Room_new

With All My Love for the Tulips, I Pray Forever – Tulips continued to be a recurring motif in Kusama’s work. “This installation plays with our perception of space and scale…Kusama’s gigantic tulips, with their opening petals like gaping mouths, are at once magical and menacing, inviting simultaneous feeling of wonder and dread.”

4 Yayoi Kusama Tulips_new

5 Yayoi Kusama Tulips2_new

My Eternal Soul Series – One must look closely to see the intricate details of each artwork. The colors are so vibrant and bold. This is a sharp contrast to her black and while Love Forever paintings.

10 Yayoi Kusama _new

Narcissus Garden – First exhibited in 1966, at the 33rd Venice Biennale, “with this work, she wanted to connect art with everyday life, thus freeing it from the confines of the wealthy elite…Kusama sold the balls for two dollars each to passers-by during the opening week.”

11 Yayoi Kusama Silver Balls_new

3 Yayoi Kusama Singapore_new

8 Yayoi Kusama Pumpskins_new

7 Yayoi Kusama Pumpkins_new

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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