Hermès Through The Walls

Hermes Through Walls 5_new

Singapore, October 2017 – When most people in Singapore hear of Hermès, they think about scraves and leather goods. However, the maison’s recent exhibition (Oct 7-29,2017) “Through The Walls” will surely change that impression.

Hermes Through Walls 2_new

This exhibition was unique as it was the first show of its kind for Hermès. The top floors of Hermès Liat Towers shop were completely changed into a scenography putting spotlight on Hermès home collection – furniture, fabrics and wallpaper.

Hermes Through Walls 3_new

The visuals were certainly interesting, but the sound effects were equally intriguing. I also enjoyed the origami station, where visitors were welcomed to try their hand at making the horse origami with paper printed with their wallpaper patterns.

Hermes origami_new

Lastly, the two most memorable elements from this exhibition were perhaps:

Hermes Through the Walls1_new

The Staircase – which was covered with 7 layers of Hermès wallpaper and then ripped randomly and

Scarf Dressing Table – which was simply stunning and any scarf collector would love such an exquisite storage space for her silk and cashmere scarves.

Hermes Through Walls 4_new

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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