Da-Wan Yakiniku

Taipei, December 2017 – Da-Wan Yakiniku 大腕燒肉專門店 is a beef-lover’s paradise. This restaurant is famous for its array of Japanese beef…they come in all the imaginable cuts. The counter seats about 30 people, and all the food is prepared live in front of the patrons. It is always a treat to watch chefs cook – whether it is grilling the beef or wiping up their very popular Sesame Salad.

At the recommendation of our chef/host – Vincent, we ordered a few different cuts in both Japanese and US beef as well as some seafood and vegetables. In our opinion, here are the 4 must-order items when you visit Da-Wan:

Japanese beef tongue – this is a thick cut, but the tongue was tender and succulent!

Oyster Blade Cut – chopped spring onions are wrapped in thin beef slices.


US Prime Eye Cap & US Prime Eye – served side by side, it was a taste test, left to each patron to decide on his preference. For me, the Rib Eye Cap had less marbling but more flavorful.

Shabu Beef – sliced beef dipped into raw egg and served over a ball of rice. The beef was so tender that it sort of melted in my mouth. I especially liked the way the beef was served over warm rice.


Our bill came to about US$120 per person, and by Taipei standards, that was an expensive meal, but quite worth it.


Obtaining the reservation took some efforts and advance planning. Bookings can be made up to two months in advance. There are 3 seatings, starting at 5:30pm, then 7:30pm and last one at 9:30pm. Once you have your reservation, I would suggest that you do not change it – because it is extremely difficult to get a reservation without booking months ahead.

The Michelin Guide for Taipei will be launched in 2018, and many foodies expect Da-Wan to be recognized by Michelin.

Da-Wan Yakiniku – Lane 169, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106     T: +86 2 2711 0179

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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