Beef Culture at Schloss Aigen

Salzburg, June 2015 – We found that “beef to perfection” traditional Austrian dining experience at Gasthof Schloss Aigen in Salzburg. Located inside the 15th century castle Aigen, the elegant restaurant is ran by the Berger family.

10 Schloss Aigen_new

Mr. King and I enjoyed a relaxing evening there – good food and excellent service. We were seated under the gently swaying trees in their charming garden on a glorious summer night. The proprietor, Kurt Berger was very welcoming. His son, Kurt Jr. is the Head Chef for the restaurant.

5 Schloss Aigen_new

June is the height of the white asparagus season. What a beautiful, light and savory asparagus dish the Chef made! You can taste the sweetness of the white asparagus in every mouthful.

6 Schloss Aigen_new

The prime boiled beef bouillon with meat strudel was richly flavored.

7 Schloss Aigen_new

Mr. King and I both felt the steak was superb! We had the Fillet of Austrian organic beef with pepper-cognac sauce, bacon beans and parmesan cruller. It was tender, juicy and seasoned perfectly with the pepper-cognac sauce.

8 Schloss Aigen_new

We told Kurt (the father) that we still haven’t tried the Salzburger Nockerl – a culinary specialty of Salzburg. Immediately, he said that they could do one for us.

3 Schloss Aigen_new

The Nockerl is a kind of sweet soufflé made of egg yolks, flour, vanilla and sugar. Chef Kurt’s Salzburger Nockerl was gorgeous – a giant soufflé that was golden brown with a layer of powdered sugar.  We can tell our Viennese friends (Mr. & Mrs. Wolfgang) that we finally tried this beautiful dessert. It was light and fluffy (just as a soufflé should be!), and flavors from the eggs came through beautifully. What a treat!

4 Schloss Aigen_new

Gasthof Schloss Aigen is perfect for those who want a traditional Austrian meal, particularly excellent beef, in an intimate and casual surrounding.  This restaurant is also kid-friendly; we saw another family dining with young children on the terrace.

9 Schloss Aigen_new

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.



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