Capri Palace – Perfect Hideaway

2 Capri Palace Hotel_newCapri, 2004 – Mr. King and I stayed on Anacapri, which is on the highest elevation overlooking Capri town. To us, it had more local charm, and we got the best of both worlds – tranquility and also a taste of the fashionable destination.

There are many choices for accommodations on the island. Do expect to splurge a bit if you want to have a luxury stay or panoramic views of the waters.

We decided on Capri Palace Hotel & Spa, which is walking distance from the village center of Anacapri. Some friends have stayed there before, and told us about their impeccable service. We arrived late that evening, and luckily were upgraded to the junior suite with a private swimming pool. It was the perfect hideaway.

1 Capri Palace Hotel_new“The white furniture dominates all the surroundings enhancing the architectural forms inspired by the Mediterranean and is the setting for a fine selection of contemporary art, a true hallmark of this place.” (Capri Palace Hotel & Spa)

Every evening on Anacapri, Mr. King and I had post-dinner drinks in the main hall of the hotel, which was elegant, relaxed and spacious. If one is seeking for that romantic ambience, there is always privacy in this beautiful, thoughtfully designed hotel.

3 Capri Palace Hotel_newWe also enjoyed the sumptuous breakfast at L’Olivo (a Two Michelin stars restaurant). I wished I had taken more photos, but at the time, the iPhone wasn’t invented yet.

4 Capri Villa San Michele_newA few minutes walk from Capri Palace is the magical Villa San Michele, a small museum with the most beautiful gardens, and exquisite, enchanting objects. The highlight is the Egyptian Sphinx sculpture, which sits directly overlooking Capri town.

6 Capri Villa San Michele_new“Legend holds that if you rest your left hand on the sphinx and make a wish while looking out over the sea of Capri, your wish will come true.” (

5 Capri Villa San Michele_newThe bus transport between Anacapri and Capri town is very efficient, and only requires about 10 minutes to commute. I enjoyed riding on the bus, because you get a sense of being a local, plus the view of the island is really impeccable even from the bus!

One day, I hope to return with my son to this breath-taking island.

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All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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  1. Kyzrael says:

    This Palace is stunning and romantic! Love that it’s serene and also serves good food. I so wanna go!


    1. And they have a great spa too. Thanks for dropping by : )


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