Ladies’ Lunch at ODETTE

14-odette-kitchen_newSingapore, August 2016 – This was my first return to Chef Julien Royer’s ODETTE after it received two Michelin stars. (Click here for our dinner experience at Odette in January 2016) I am not sure if it was daytime or the Michelin star effect, but the restaurant, housed inside the National Gallery, seemed livelier than I visited it earlier in the year.

Lunch sets are priced at S$88++ for 4-courses, S$128++ for 6-courses and S$188++ for 8-courses menu. Three of us, ladies, chose the four courses, which looked sumptuous enough.

1-odette-snacks_newA platter of snacks arrived swiftly after our orders were placed. The dainty canapés, including a tomato tart, olive oil puff and cheesecake, were surely a welcome sight.

2-odette-mushroom-tea_newThe Mushroom Tea with Homemade Brioche, one of Chef Royer’s signature creations, was a staple on his menus. I was too slow, and didn’t snap any pictures of the waiter pouring the broth into the cup. Nevertheless, this is one of my favorite dishes at ODETTE.

4-odette-octopus_newMarinated Fremantle Octopus (smoked eel dashi, chive emulsion, endives) – chunky slices of octopus were chewy, and the smoked eel dashi broth was a delightful accompaniment.

5-odette-smoked-eggs_newThe star has arrived – Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg (smoked potato, chorizo, buckwheat). The theatrical presentation was 3 eggs beautifully sitting inside a stack of egg cartons, with a stream of trailing smoke.

When I was there in January, we had a similar version, but it was “pine smoked” and the egg was served onto a glass plate. To add to the drama, a glass goblet-like dish with Rosemary smoke “brewing” below was placed in front of each of us. The server poured the soft delicate rosemary infused eggs into the dish.

8-odette-john-dory_newLine Caught John Dory (confit heirloom carrot, Swarnadwipa granola, cilantro)

9-odette-pork-neck_newCharred Iberico Pork Neck (smoked cabbage, organic com fricassee, sage jus) – Though I am not a big fan of pork when it comes to Western cooking, this Iberico pork neck truly impressed me. It was very tender, and with just a bit of fat.

11-odette-choconuts_newChoconuts (80% Amazon chocolate, muscovado sable, passionfruit & banana)

12-odette-strawberry-dessert_newStrawberry “Feuilles a Feuilles” (caramelized filo pastry, yoghurt & Java pepper sorbet, confit rhubarb) – This dessert certainly deserved an honorable mention. The flavors of the sorbet, rhubarb and strawberry were an enchanting, refreshing combination.

13-odette-lemon-meringue_newBe sure to eat the lemon meringue (lollipop) on the petits fours tray. This is a wonderful citrus indulgence!

3-odette-breads_newHow would I compare – lunch and dinner? I believe the main courses on the dinner menu are slightly more refined. The Trout definitely trumped the John Dory, and Iberico Pork Neck is certainly no rival to Hida Wagyu Beef! Nevertheless, the lunch was an elegant dining experience.

Odette Restaurant – 1 St Andrew’s Road, National Gallery Singapore, #01-04 Singapore 178957; Tel: +65 6385 0498

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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