Isola Hong Kong


Hong Kong, July & August 2017Isola, a modern Italian restaurant has a vibrant and casual chic ambience that draws an international clientele. I was excited to visit it after a recent relocation. In their new space, Isola still had a spectacular view of the Hong Kong harbor, and retained the same décor elements – their signature floral pattern white wall panels. As always, Isola serves up a selection of gorgeous and tasty Italian dishes.

Veal Tuna_new

My favorite cold appetizer is Classic Thin Roasted Veal with Tuna Sauce. Their tuna sauce is truly amazing!

Fried Calamari and Prawns with Zucchini and Homemade Tartare Sauce is probably the most popular hot appetizer. I actually prefer the fried prawns over the calamari; the prawns are so crunchy.

Lobster Risotto_new

On my visit in July, Isola offered a few special lobster dishes, and I decided to try the Lobster Risotto – which was decadent, rich and creamy.

Lobster Pasta_new

I also tried the Linguine Pasta with lobster Meat, but it was hard to measure up to the Lobster Risotto.

Prawn Risotto_new

In August, Isola offered a menu featuring several prawn dishes. I selected the Prawn Risotto, which was probably as good as the Lobster Risotto. The rice is quite heavy, so I think it is best for sharing.

If it is my friend’s first time to Isola, I would definitely order Isola’s Parma Ham & Arugula Stone Pizza.  This pizza was created over a decade ago when the restaurant first opened at newly constructed IFC mall. It is still one of their most popular dishes.

Lemon Cream_new

Their dessert, Lemon Cream blew me away. The meringue was airy, and the cream was light and full of citrus flavor. I couldn’t help but ordered it again on my next visit to Isola in August.

Although Isola is ideal for special occasions, I simply enjoy Isola, anytime I have a craving for wonderful Italian cuisine.

Isola – Shop 2075, Level 2, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

Tiramisu _new
Burrata Tomatoes_new
Burrata with Tomatoes
Crabmeat Pasta_new
Tagliolini with Crabmeat

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