Creative Dim Sum at Social Place

Social place 2_newHong Kong, August 2017Social Place at the L Place is a breathe of fresh air in the Chinese culinary world. It serves high quality Cantonese dim sum with a modern twist. The restaurant is designed around a communal dining concept with open kitchens, and this creates a bustling ambience.

Truffle Shitake Bun_new

Truffle Shitake Buns (HK$49) – This is the most popular signature dish at Social Place. These buns are actually stuffed with shitake mushrooms and black truffles, but disguised as a mushroom. The aroma of truffles is unmistakable.

Roast Pigeon_new

Roast Pigeon (HK$29) – I personally think roast pigeon represents nostalgic Hong Kong from the 70-80s.   The pigeon is cut into two halves, and it is intended to be eaten by hand. Yummy!  At US$3.50 per pigeon, only catch is that each table is limited to 1 pigeon per diner.

Daily Double Boiled Soup ($79) – Aside from dim sum, Social Place is known for their 4-hour double boiled soups. The daily soup was winter melon , and I found it very flavorful and hearty.

Chili Chicken SOcial Place_new

Sichuan Chili Chicken – Although it didn’t look as creative as other dishes, this chicken was very delicious and packed with chili and spices.

Poached Pear Social Place_new

Poached Pear in Aged Osmanthus Wine (HK$59) – This gorgeous dessert is flavored with sweet osmanthus wine, which exerts such beautiful floral notes.

Pig-Shaped Sweet Potato Bun (HK$29) – Taro purple stuffing is inside these adorable piglet buns. Sweet treats!

Social Place_new

The other signature dishes are:

Steamed Rose Floret Bun – This is a very elegant “Man Tao” decorated as a rose.

Mung Bean Buns – The buns are black with strips of gold on top.

Pineapple Rice – Many tables ordered this, and the pineapple was in flames…so it is quite a show. Get those cameras ready!

Social Place emphasizes on using high quality ingredients and no MSG. The atmosphere is casual and friendly. I love the idea of having dim sum during dinner. Reservations are highly-recommended as there is usually a queue during peak times.

SOCIAL PLACE -The L. Place, 139 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

All photos were taken by Mrs. King.

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